Hey everyone. It's been a little quiet around here. That's because I've been working with my friend M.S. Farzan on a table top role playing adaptation of his book Entromancy. The core rules are complete. We are still play testing and tweaking a few items here and there though. At this point we are looking... Continue Reading →

Table Top RPG Developers Guild

I think I've discovered a bit of a problem on the internet the last few months. I've been trying to find a good discord community for Table Top RPG Developers. There are a ton of great centralized resources for video game developers to gather and share trade secrets, such as the Game Developers League but places... Continue Reading →

The Second Rule: Entitlement of Fun

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of what is fun. Everyone is entitled to seek out their version of fun in a roleplaying game. Everyone is NOT entitled to inflict their brand of fun on other players at the table if the consensus is Player X's variant of fun, isn't really all that fun. Look,... Continue Reading →

The First Rule of D&D

Have fun. This rule doesn't apply to just D&D. This rule applies to all pen and paper, or tabletop, RPGs. I'd go so far as to say it should apply to most things in life but there are times to be serious too. Let's not forget these are games. That's what they are for. Sure... Continue Reading →

The Phase Pine

I wrote the Phase Pine in response to a comment a Redditor made on my Reaping Willow post. This is just a big happy tree having fun at the expense of some other people's kite.   Phase Pine The Phase Pine is a mythical tree notorious for causing mischief across the planes. This trickster can... Continue Reading →

Mist of Akuma on Kickstarter

I'm excited to announce the first project that I'm involved with that has made its way to Kickstarter. This adventure was written by Mike Myler. I've written the first stretch goal. It is a series of random quests you can undertake throughout the larger adventurer. If you like far east mythology, noir, and steampunk it is... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone. Here is the Lavear. Nevermind the header image. I'm using that to host an image for the Patreon page.   Lavear A lavear is an elemental that left the plane of fire and made its home on the prime material plane. During the planar relocation process, the lavear lost its ability to take a... Continue Reading →

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