The Desert Temple

No one in the region has any memory of a ruined temple in the Calim desert, and for good reason. It is home to a Lamia and anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon this desert home has become part of the Lamia's slave army. The Lamia is not only opportunistic but it collects additional slaves... Continue Reading →


The Chilcaba is one of the first creatures I ever created. I made this with the intent of giving the DM a creature they could tease the party with. The Chilcaba isn't evil but it will try to steal any magic item that isn't nailed to the ground. Read on and I hope you enjoy.   The... Continue Reading →

The Mourning Son – Magic Sword

The Mourning Son The paladin Gilean was the most fervent disciple of the god Mordanon. Referred to as the Noon Day Sun, Mordanon represented all that was pure and good in the world. Patron saint of those who uphold the law of man Mordanon was everything that Gilean searched for in a deity. Righteousness and... Continue Reading →

The Second Rule: Entitlement of Fun

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of what is fun. Everyone is entitled to seek out their version of fun in a roleplaying game. Everyone is NOT entitled to inflict their brand of fun on other players at the table if the consensus is Player X's variant of fun, isn't really all that fun. Look,... Continue Reading →

Ale’x the Cheetah Monk

Sometimes it's hard to think up fully developed NPC's to drop into your campaign. In those instances, it's helpful to have tools that can provide you that little bit of inspiration you need to get you started. The other day in Loot The Room's discord one of the members presented the room with a Reckless Deck... Continue Reading →

The Phase Pine

I wrote the Phase Pine in response to a comment a Redditor made on my Reaping Willow post. This is just a big happy tree having fun at the expense of some other people's kite.   Phase Pine The Phase Pine is a mythical tree notorious for causing mischief across the planes. This trickster can... Continue Reading →

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