The Chilcaba is one of the first creatures I ever created. I made this with the intent of giving the DM a creature they could tease the party with. The Chilcaba isn't evil but it will try to steal any magic item that isn't nailed to the ground. Read on and I hope you enjoy.   The... Continue Reading →

The Phase Pine

I wrote the Phase Pine in response to a comment a Redditor made on my Reaping Willow post. This is just a big happy tree having fun at the expense of some other people's kite.   Phase Pine The Phase Pine is a mythical tree notorious for causing mischief across the planes. This trickster can... Continue Reading →

Mist of Akuma on Kickstarter

I'm excited to announce the first project that I'm involved with that has made its way to Kickstarter. This adventure was written by Mike Myler. I've written the first stretch goal. It is a series of random quests you can undertake throughout the larger adventurer. If you like far east mythology, noir, and steampunk it is... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone. Here is the Lavear. Nevermind the header image. I'm using that to host an image for the Patreon page.   Lavear A lavear is an elemental that left the plane of fire and made its home on the prime material plane. During the planar relocation process, the lavear lost its ability to take a... Continue Reading →

Reaping Willow

This new adventure, to create content for the world's greatest role-playing game started with the Reaping willow. I've been part of the games media and consulted on game design for the past six years. I've been playing games for much longer. However, recently I've made the decision to start working for myself and this was the... Continue Reading →

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