The Desert Temple

No one in the region has any memory of a ruined temple in the Calim desert, and for good reason. It is home to a Lamia and anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon this desert home has become part of the Lamia’s slave army. The Lamia is not only opportunistic but it collects additional slaves by force. It sends Jackalware raiding parties out at night to capture traders on the Coast Way heading to Calimport. This way the Lamia assures it lives in comfort. The Lamia also has a Manticore servant as part of its army that roosts at the top of the ruins and keeps watch over the Lamia’s lair.

Wilderness Encounters

It should take two days to travel from Jalar to the Calim Desert. While the PCs are following the road roll a d20 for chance encounters once per day and once per night. A roll of 18 – 20 triggers an encounter. See the Random Encounters table for which type.

Random Encounters

Roll d20 Day Result Night Result
1-8 Giant Scorpion (2) Jackalware (1d6 +2)
9-15 Mummy (1) Jackalware (1d6 +2)
16-18 Magmin (1d6) Jackalware (1d6 +2)
19 Basilisk (1) Jackalware (1d6 +2)
20 Earth Elemental (1) Jackalware (1d6 +2)

Finding the Temple

The Lost Temple of Calim is not hard to find. It has remained hidden for so long due to the Lamia’s presence. A character can find the temple by doing a search in the Calim Desert with a successful DC 10 Wisdom (perception) check. If the players fail to find the temple continue to roll for random encounters once per day and night until they discover the temple. When the PCs have found the temple read:

“You reach the crest of a sand dune and see in the distance a bleached white temple. It appears there are three stories above ground. It has an arched doorless entryway in the front. The top of the temple has two arched windows on each of the four sides.”

First Floor

The original purpose of this temple is unidentifiable but you can tell something evil has taken residence here now:

“As you enter the temple you see columns evenly spread throughout the wide open space that support the roof. There is a skylight in the middle of the temple that opens to the third floor. The top of the temple is not accessible from the inside. Sand has blown in and is wind swept across the floor. There are dried bones laid in piles across the floor. You see two sets of stairs, one in each of the southern corners that lead to a subterranean level.”

As the PC’s trek across the floor some of the bones animate into skeletons (1d6). This is a fairly weak encounter that softens the PCs up for the true threat, a Manticore that roosts atop the temple.

If the PCs investigated the skylight when they entered the temple they can roll a DC 10 Wisdom (perception) check to determine if the Manticore surprises them. If not the PCs must make a DC 20 Wisdom (perception) check. If the PCs are surprised the Manticore makes one attack. Then set initiative and begin combat.


The basement is 10 ft. floor to ceiling. The walls are covered with sconces every 15 ft. illuminating this level. Each staircase leads to the entrance of a hall.

(1) Along the outer walls are barracks. Each barracks room holds Jackalware (1d4).

(2) The inner rooms have supplies worth 2d20 gold each.

desert map

(3) The central chamber houses the Lamia. The Lamia is resting upon a dais. The Lamia is enraged that the PCs have found its home and will either enslave the PCs or die trying. In the center of the Lamia’s chamber is an ornate rug that covers a Pit Trap. When engaged in combat the Lamia will attempt to maneuver the PCs onto the trap. The players can spot the trap with a successful DC 13 Wisdom (perception) check. The trap deals 2d10 damage to anyone that falls in. The Lamia will attempt to enslave PCs that are caught in the trap after combat. The Lamia focuses on killing any PC that avoids the trap.

(4) At the rear of the Lamia’s lair is a hidden door that leads to the slave chambers. Players notice the door on a successful DC 10 Wisdom (perception) check. The slaves are behind bars but the key is in the antechamber. The character’s sister and the villagers who went missing are among the slaves.


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