The Road to Unity

This is the first adventure that I wrote as a pitch for publication. This was a little over 3 years ago. I’ve learned a lot since then but I’m happy with the way this one turned out. If you look at the encounter tables you may be like, woah? That seems a little imbalanced. Well, remember, sometimes it’s best to run away.

This is part 1 of part 2. Look for part two later this week.

The Messenger

The adventure begins with the player characters taking a much-needed rest in one of the more frequented taverns in Baldur’s Gate. The DM should select a character at random to be the target of the messenger. If 5 players are present assign each 2 numbers and roll a d10. Once the target PC is selected read the quoted text to begin your adventure.

“A haggard messenger enters the tavern and looks around the serving room. He spots you and immediately runs up, ‘Thank Avandra I have finally found you. I come bearing a message from your family. Your sister has joined a cult and fled her village. I know that the cult is located in the Tethyr region on the outskirts of the Forest of Mir. The cult is led by an elf nobleman who goes by the name Peren. Your family begs you to find what has become of your sister and return her home safely. May Avandra be with you!’ The messenger quickly turns and leaves the tavern.”

The messenger has no further information to provide the PCs.

Long March South

Baldur’s Gate is approximately two tendays north of the settlement Jalar. Players can gather all the provisions they need for their trip in Baldur’s Gate. The main road, The Coast Way, leads south out of town and follows the western coast of Faerun ending in Calimport. Once the players reach Castle Tethyr they should head east towards the Forest of Mir. The forest hugs the northern border of the Marching Mountains. As the players travel roll a d20 once each day and once each night for random encounters. A roll of 18-20 triggers an encounter. See the Random Encounter table for type.

Random Encounter

Roll d6 Day Result Night Result
1 Orcs (1d6) Orcs (1d6+2)
2 Wolves (1d10) Owl Bear (1)
3 Goblins (1d10) Goblins (1d10)
4 Kobolds (2d6) Ghouls (1d4+1)
5 – 6 Friendly Caravan Kobolds (2d6) +2

Turning East

The PCs will have a guaranteed encounter with a band of orcs as evening sets on their first night heading east.

“While heading east along the highway you notice an orc raiding party running out of the hills from the south. The orcs are headed for a caravan along the trade route about 2000 ft. in front of you.”

Discovering Jalar

Jalar is a new settlement experience quick growth lead by Peren. There are very few permanent structures. There are a number of races present in the village. Humans, tieflings, dragonborn, half-orcs, and even orcs.

“You approach a small settlement that has palisades for walls. Most structures are nothing more than tents. Nestled against the woods you can see where the cultists are clear-cutting lumber to build their town. At the entrance, there are two orcs standing guard.”

These orcs defy their racial heritage and are not evil. They will challenge the PCs if approached but will not threaten violence. If the PCs engage the guards Peren will intervene on behalf of the orcs before the players can kill them.

Peren greets the adventurers and attempts to aid them in their quest. He also asks they find the handful of additional villagers that have also gone missing.

Roleplaying Peren LG Elf Noble

Peren is a just man but not an affectionate one. Peren is an elf of noble heritage but has chosen to marry a female human, Lara. Peren believes after the recent events of the Sundering that it is his, and other long-lived races, responsibility to be caretakers of Toril. Part of that stewardship is looking out for the short lived races and acting as an agent for peace. Peren is striving to unite even those that are ancestrally evil. Peren believes that even though the Kingdom of Many-Arrows to the north may have failed in its goal of creating a stable orc nation, orcs are still worth trying to be civilized. Peren is aware that people believe he has started a cult but the community does not have any religious affiliation. Peren's only goal is lasting peace.

If the PC's are quick to fight the Orcs when they arrive at Jalar, Peren will still offer assistance to the adventurers. He will, however, come across even more arrogant than normal. Peren does want the return of the PCs sister so he will offer all the information he can.

Information Peren knows and will share with the PCs
  • The woman they are looking for is a member of their settlement.
  • She disappeared a week ago on a caravan to Calimport to get provisions for Jalar
  • Recent caravans have been harassed and other members of town have been kidnapped by scrawny humanoids while the caravans camp at night.
  • The victims were taken into the Calim Desert

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