Ale’x the Cheetah Monk

Sometimes it’s hard to think up fully developed NPC’s to drop into your campaign. In those instances, it’s helpful to have tools that can provide you that little bit of inspiration you need to get you started.

The other day in Loot The Room’s discord one of the members presented the room with a Reckless Deck challenge. If you haven’t seen a Reckless Deck before it helps provide inspiration for what to draw but in our case, we used it as inspiration to create characters. Our challenge was to make a character that had; mage or monk’s robes, powered or magical gauntlets, fangs, jaws, or extreme teeth, and a breathing apparatus.

Reckless Deck

We had a number of creators come up with some wonderful ideas and hopefully they will be shared with the rest of you in time. But until then, this one is mine. I present to you Ale’x the Monk.

Sister Ale’x Tihara grew up on the open plains of Teracazzar. Since she was a small girl she has been obsessed with cheetahs. Their graceful movement while running down prey left her mesmerized. While hunting for food with her tribe one-day Ale’x heard the telltale chirps of a cheetah cub in distress. When Ale’x found the cheetah’s nest she discovered the mother had been gored by an antelope and had been overcome by her wounds.

Ale’x became the caregiver for the sole living cheetah cub and named him Tabbahi. Ale’x removed the skull of Tabbahi’s mother and wears the jaws as a bracelet while hunting. She also fashioned a robe to wear from the fallen cheetah’s hide in an effort to comfort Tabbahi. Through prayer and communion with the spirits of Mother Earth, the jaw has been imbued with a small touch of magic. If Ale’x places the jaws to her mouth and breaths in she can move at twice her normal movement speed for 30 seconds each day. This does her well when she is hunting the savannah with her companion Tabbahi.

Ale’x is a third level monk.

Her Jaw of Speed is a magical trinket that requires attunement. It can only hold one charge at a time and regains a charge each morning at sunrise.

The art is courtesy of Whipstache.

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